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    Chess is a board game played by two, using chess pieces that have distinct characteristics and moves. It is an engrossing mind game that entertains and storms your brain at the same time. Chess has been played through ages across the world, and along with the changing times - it has also changed in character and has come to acquire different companions. For a smooth and modern game of chess, there are various accessories available. For example:

    • Chess Clocks - It maintains the time of the game and is available in analog and digital variety. Read More...

    • Chess Tables - Tables specially made for playing chess.

    • Chess Bags - To carry your chessboard, chess pieces, and accessories in a safe and comfortable manner.

    • Chess Score Books - To maintain accurate scores.

    • Demonstration Boards - These come with demo chess pieces and are useful to chess teachers, lecturers and game analysts.

    • Chess Software - Software related to the game of Chess.

    • Chess books, games and videos/DVDs - Tips and tactics, training and a lot more is available in the form of chess books, games, videos and DVDs.