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    Armenian Men's Team Conquers World Chess Olympiad
    The 37th World Chess Olympiad in Torino was won by the Armenian Men's Team. They collected 36 out of 42 points and were recognized the winner of the Tournament of Nations. Leading from the 5th round, they headed the tournament table till the end. The Armenian men's team included international grand masters Levon Aronyan (the winner of the FIDE world cup), Vladimir Hakobyan, Karen Asryan, Smbar Lputyan, Gabriel Sargsyan and Artashes Minasyan. They were the favorites along with Russia, China and France. China won silver with 34 points, the U.S. and Israeli men's teams shared the third position with 33 points. They were followed by Hungary (32.3), Russia, Spain, France, Ukraine and Bulgaria (32 points).