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    Backgammon Madness Rises Online

    13th June: Backgammon - a board game and chess variant from antiquity, is back with a boom. This time the madness is taking over the Internet with a network of over one million players. . Though it is probably the oldest board game in history, backgammon is becoming a craze in the 21st century - thanks to latest Internet technologies. The trend continues with offering a multilingual backgammon software for download, featuring games and tournaments with real money and play money. The multilingual system allows players from all over the world to share their love of the game, play with one another, and compete in tournaments.

    What makes Backgammon such a popular skill game is the fact that it can be played strategically, as most experienced players do, or just by counting on your luck as newcomers. Although the dice add an element of risk and a touch of the unexpected, players can always go on honing their skills and improve their games. Novice players can find a detailed guide to backgammon on , and old time players who are less familiar with online play can find instructions to use the software. To ensure fair play's backgammon software is equipped with a special rating system that determines the skill level of each player to match up players of similar competence. is available in English, Greek, Turkish, and Hebrew and the software is presented in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Hebrew, Greek, and Turkish. The software features 24/7 player help and customer support. New players who install the software will receive from $2 Free play money. So - now you can play backgammon online - enjoy and earn at the same time!