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    Grischuk, Shirov keep their places in Aerosvit

    27.06.06: Rublevsky and Ivanchuk both drew their games and kept their first and second places in Aerosvit 2006 International Grandmasters chess tournament in Foros, Ukraine. Grischuk and Shirov won their games, both moving into the positive performance zone. At the end of the table are three Ukraines - Ponomariov, Volokitin, Karjakin - and India's P. Harikrishna. The present scores show Rublevsky leading with 6 , closely followed by Ivanchuk with 6. Bologan with 5 , Shirov, Grischuk and Mamedyarov have 5 each. Nisipeanu and Nisipeanu have 4 each while Volokitin and Ponomariov have 3 . Karjakin and Harikrishna trail back with 3 each.