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    Czech Open 2006 Chess Festival Starts Today

    13.07.06: The Czech Open 2006 a two-week festival of chess, bridge, backgammon, scrabble and board games, is going to start today in the east Bohemian town of Pardubice. The organizers claim this to be the biggest European event of its kind and expect more than 4000 people from all over the world to participate in different categories and games. More than 1800 players from 46 countries and all 5 continents are registered in chess tournaments. More than 200 players have GM, IM, WGM or WIM titles. Among others grandmaster Navara (CZE) 2719 (14th player in the world), Najer (RUS) 2677 (28th player in the world), Wojtaszek (POL) 2622 and Laznicka 2602 (CZE) will participate in the main grandmaster tournament PARDUBICE OPEN. Among others Navara, Movsesian (SVK) 2637 and Wojtaszek will participate in the Open Championship of the Czech Republic in active chess. Czech President Vaclav Klaus is expected to play an exhibitory game of chess in Pardubice, as is the legendary Czech ice hockey goalkeeper Dominik Hasek. More prominent personalities and names are also expected to be there. In Chess, Mr David Navara who is number 14 in the world ranking, grandmaster Sergej Movsesjan and others will be there.

    For more information, you can log on to the official website at