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    All games drawn in Dotrmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting

    31.07.06: All the chess games in Dotrmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting have been drawn. The Dortmund Sparkassen Chess Meeting is taking place in the State Theatre in Dortmund, Germany, from July 29th to August 6, 2006. It is a single round robin tournament with eight players, averaging 2720 Elo and making for a category 19 event. The two Peters, Svidler and Leko, stayed at the top of the table with a 23-move draw, while Naiditsch and Jobava, who had lost in round one, drew against Boris Gelfand and Michael Adams. Aronian and Kramnik drew in 43 moves. The game between Peter Svidler vs Peter Leko was the first to end in the second round of the Sparkassen Chess Meeting. Both players had won their first-round games and the 23-move draw left them at the top of the table. Arkaidij Naiditsch and Baadur Jobava both scored their first half-points, after their losses in the first round. Naiditsch did it on the white side of a Najdorf against specialist Boris Gelfand, while Jobava held his black game with a Caro Kann Panov against Michael Adams.The longest game was Levon Aronian vs Vladimir Kramnik, which lasted 43 moves and a total of four hours and 15 minutes.