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    Ganguly vanquished at the hands of Rohit

    17.01.07,New Delhi :

    National champion Surya Shekhar Ganguly suffered a defeat at the hands of G. Rohit here in the 5th Parsvnath International Open Chess Tournament at the India Gandhi Indoor Stadium. Another lad from Kolkata, Grand Master Dibyendu Barua registered his fifth straight victory in the event and maintains the sole lead.
    On the last of the double-round days, Barua tamed Arghyadip Das to emerge as the only winner among the eight leaders after four rounds.

    The first three boards ended in draws with Abhijit Kunte escaping a certain defeat and then cashing in on Abhijeet Gupta's oversight to eye a possible win on the top board. The other two boards, involving the foreign mates Uzbeks Shukhrat Safin and Saidali Iuldachev on the second finished with a draw. Whiled Tamil Nadu's Deepan Chakravarthy and Arun Prasad on the third board, ended in quick, expected draws.

    Ganguly's Mixed Luck

    Surya Shekhar Ganguly, who has been struggling to battle the cold conditions prevailing in the Capital, was fortunate on Tuesday when young V.A.V. Rajesh refused his draw offer and suffered defeat. But on Wednesday, Ganguly was not so fortunate.
    G.Rohit, one of the new faces in the Indian National team this year, won a rook for a knight and slowly enlarged his advantage in this Sicilian game. He eventually reached a winning endgame in 47 moves when his queen-pawn proved unstoppable for Ganguly.
    Later, Dibyendu Barua was on a roll after sacrificing a knight for three pawns early in the game. The three-time National champion had ample compensation as he controlled the key squares. Before long, he added another pawn and easily completed an anticipated win.

    The results (fifth round, Indian unless stated) :

    Abhijeet Gupta (4.5) drew with Abhijit Kunte (4.5); Shukhrat Safin (Uzb, 4.5) drew with Saidali Iuldachev (Uzb, 4.5); S. Arun Prasad (4.5) drew with Deepan Chakkravarthy (4.5); Arghyadip Das (4) lost to Dibyendu Barua (5); G.B. Prakash (3.5) lost to Alexey Dreev (Rus, 4.5); G. Rohit (4.5) bt Surya Shekhar Ganguly (3.5); Praveen Kumar (3.5) lost to Yuri Drozdovskij (Ukr, 4.5); Ziaur Rehman (Ban, 4.5) bt Mahmood Lodhi (Pak, 3.5); Pravin Thipsay (4.5) bt Vikramaditya Kamble (3.5); Swapnil Dhopade (3.5) lost to S. Kidambi (4.5); G.N. Gopal (4) drew with Shashikant Kutwal (4); Somak Palit (4) drew with Sriram Jha (4); Rahul Sangma (3.5) lost to Poobesh Anand (4.5); Diwakar Prasad Singh (3.5) drew with T. Purushothaman (3.5); Ahmed Adly (Egy, 4) bt G.B. Joshi (3); C. Natarajan (3) lost to Abdulla Al-Rakib (Ban, 4); Neelotpal Das (4) bt Kiran Monisha Mohanty (3); M. Srinivasa Rao (3.5) drew with M.R. Venkatesh (3.5); O.T. Anil Kumar (3.5) drew with S. Vijayalakshmi (3.5); Niaz Murshed (Ban, 3.5) drew with Mohammad Ali (3.5); Aditya Udeshi (3) lost to Ezat Mohammed (Egy, 4).

    Fourth round :

    Kunte bt S.P. Sethuraman; Iuldachev bt Roktim Bandyopadhyay; Deepan bt P.D.S. Girinath; Barua bt Nasir Ahmed; Chandrashekhar Gokhale lost to Abhijeet Gupta; Kidambi drew with Palit; Varugeese Koshy lost to Safin; Jha drew with Sangma; Arun bt Udeshi; Vinoth Kumar lost to Arghyadip; Dreev bt Mehdi Hasan; Ganguly bt Sudhakar Babu; Drozdovskij bt Rahul Shetty; Shyam Sundar lost to Ziaur Rehman; Nikhil Shyam drew with Ahmed Adly.