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    Harikrishna Wins Gyorgy Marx Memorial

    11.08.2006:Top Seed Indian Chess player Pentala Harikrishna has won the prestigious Gyorgy Marx Memorial chess tournament held in Paks, Hungary. Harikrishna won three games and lost none to take the premiere title of this Hungarian GM tournament by a full point, with a 2717 performance. He is followed by the second placed Zahar Efimenko of Ukraine. Efimenko drew all his games except for one, against Acs, which he won. His performance was 2655, 23 points more than his nominal 2632 FIDE rating. Wang Yue of China and Zoltan Almasi of Hungary shared 3-4. The other two Hungarian players, Ferenc Berkes and Peter Acs landed at the bottom of the table. In the last six rounds, all but one of the seventeen games were drawn. The average length of all games was 39 moves, the shortest was a ten-mover between Harikrishna and Wan Yue in round eight.The IV. György Marx Memorial took place between 26 th July and 7 th August. The main patron of the tournament is József Kovács, the director-general of Nuclear Power Plant Ltd. Paks.