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    Peter Leko Wins First ACP Rapid Cup

    The 1st ever ACP World Rapid Cup, sponsored by the Bank PIVDENNY, came to an end on January 8 in Londonskaya hotel in Odessa, Ukraine. Hungarian grandmaster Peter Leko defeated Ukrainian Vassily Ivanchuk in the finals. The prize money of the Cup, which crowned the ACP Tour for the first time, equaled $136,000, Leko received $40,000 from it. Grandmasters, who showed best results in more than 60 tournaments in the last two seasons, were invited to participate in the tournament. The finalists of the World Cup are currently ranked 5th (Ivanchuk) and 6th (Leko) in the official world rankings.

    The World Cup turned out to be a unique event for chess of Odessa and Ukraine, and the prize money should be sufficient for this competition to be in the top ten tournaments of the year 2007.

    For the first time the tournament of the Bank PIVDENNY had live Internet telecast of the games. Famous grandmasters headed by Victor Korchnoi made the commentary for the tournament for hundreds of spectators in the hall of Londonskaya hotel.

    The last day of the tournament was not limited to the prize distribution ceremony. Charity fund ‘Victor’ organized a meeting between young chess players and the World Cup participants: autographs, questions and answers, and, of course, the play was the mood of the hour.

    The closing ceremony was headed by Vadim Morokhovsky, Chairman of the Bank PIVDENNY, and Pavel Tregubov, president of the Association of Chess Professionals. The tournament winner Peter Leko showered praises for interest of the world’s strongest players carrying out tournaments similar to the World Rapid Cup in caliber and level of organization.

    Source: The World Cup Press Center  --