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    Dutch Championship conquered by Sergey Tiviakov

    30.06.06: The Dutch Chess Championship that took place in Hilversum Media Park, from June 17 to 29 June, was won by Sergey Tiviakov. This was one of the most prominent International chess championships, participated by ten GMs and two IMs. It was a a 12-player round robin, category 13 (average rating is 2569) and has a first prize of 12,000. Sergey Tiviakov scored 9.0/11 points to win the contest, 1.5 more than his nearest rival, Ivan Sokolov. Tiviakov won eight games, drew two and lost one in the whole tournament. Tivikov, whose FIDE rating is 2669, performed like a 2823 player against opposition with an average rating of 2559. Second in the chess championship was Ivan Sokolov, rated 2676, who scored 7.5/11 with a performance of 2690. The women's section was dominated by Peng Zhaoqin, who won all her games except one (a draw against Tea Lanchava) for a stunning 8.5/9 final score.