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    Ten to Compete for U.S. Junior Chess Champion 2006

    15.07.06: Ten of the most promising young chess players are going to compete for the title of U.S. Junior Chess Champion 2006. This round robin event is scheduled to be held in Dallas, Texas. It starts on July 15, 2006 and end on July 20 with the awards ceremony the following day. In addition to the prize fund offered is the incentive of qualifying the World Junior Championship. The tournament is open to the highest rated players under age 20 (as of January 1, 2006) using the average of the April 2006 rating and the peak published rating. The participants of this years tournament includes Salvijus Bercys (average rating: 2468.5) from New York, Igor Schneider (average rating: 2424.5) from New York, Robert Hess (average rating: 2386.5) from New York, Mackenzie Molner (average rating: 2377) from New Jersey, Joel Banawa (average rating: 2358) from California, Adam Maltese (average rating: 2338) from New York, Daniel Ludwig (average rating: 2334.5) from Florida, Jake Kleiman (average rating: 2318) from Tennessee, Kazim Gulamali (average rating: 2302.5) from Georgia, and Benjamin Coraretti (rating: 2049) who earned the right to play by virtue of winning the 2005 U.S. Junior Open.