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    Susan Polgar wins 2006 Women's World Chess Cup

    19.07.06: The 2006 Women's World Chess Cup was won by Grandmaster Susan Polgar, in Dresden, Germany on Saturday, July 8, 2006. This is the first ever Women's World Chess Cup for the United States. She is the first rated woman chess player of United States, and also the winner of 4 Women's World Championships and 5 Olympic Gold Medals. There were eight groups in the tournament (A to H) with four countries in each group. The top 2 from each group advanced to the final knockout stage. Group E included Italy, the Czech Republic, Ghana and the United States. After advancing through the preliminaries, Susan defeated WIM Vlasta Macek of Croatia, WGM Anna Ushenina (2006 Olympic Gold Medalist) of Ukraine, WGM Carolina Lujan of Argentina and IM Elizabeth Pahtz (World Junior Champion) of host country Germany in the finals. Susan has also set an example by winning every single match in the tournament. match play, Susan scored 7/8 points, winning 6 and drawing 2. She won all 4 games with the white pieces and two games with black.