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    Chess sets are available in a wide variety of material and styles. From wooden chess sets to finely designed collectible marble chess sets, from the themed chess sets to travel chess sets, the range is almost inexhaustible.
    Among the most common is the hand carved wooden chess sets, while the famous hand carved ivory chess sets of yester years have almost become extinct. Glass and marble chess sets have gained popularity in recent years. Other materials used for chess sets include bone, brass, etc. Up to the mid 19th-century, there were no standardized chess sets. They were usually one of two extreme types. The rich players used sets that were lavishly decorated, to the point of not being practical for use. The poor used pieces that were mostly wooden lumps, only distinguishable by their heights. In 1847, London came up with easily identifiable chess pieces mounted on pedestals. Pedestals of different heights were also used, thereby maintaining the use of height to distinguish pieces. The most common style of chess sets is the Staunton style, launched in 1849. Chess sets vary in designs according to the imagination of the chess designer. Interesting are the themed chess sets that model the chess pieces on some specific historical, legendary, mythical or other popular themes. Chess sets are also designed for different settings. Many chess sets are portable, and some are miniaturized to even fit in a pocket.

  • Themed Chess Sets
  • Wooden Chess Sets
  • Magnetic Chess Set
  • Marble Chess Set
  • Travel Chess Set
  • Staunton Chess Set