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    Wilhelm Steinitz

    Wilhelm Steinitz is a legendary name in the world of chess. This Austrian-American chess master was the first official world chess champion. He is remembered for his original contribution to the development of chess strategy as well as his outstanding chess games.

    Life and Career: Wilhelm Steinitz

    Wilhelm Steinitz was born on May 17 th , 1836 in Prague the present Czech Republic and erstwhile Austria. He learned to play chess at the age of 12 but his interest in chess developed while studying in Vienna. It was at this time that the great chess player, Morphy's exploits hit the headlines and there was a great revival in people's interest in the game. Steinitz took chess to be a great way of making money playing the Vienesse coffee houses. Steinitz decided to settle in England where all the best players of Europe where at the time. The winning streak for Wilhelm Steinitz started with his chess game in the year 1866 when he defeated Adolf Anderssen. Wilhelm Steinitz became famous all over the world with his victory over Johannes zuckertort in 1886. This chess game is also regarded by some as the first ever world chess championship.

    Steinitz successfully defended his title from 1886 to 1894, defeating Zuckertort, Mikhail Chigorin and Isidor Gunsberg. Steinitz lost two chess matches against Lasker in 1894 and 1896. Lasker later became Steinitz' successor as the world chess champion.

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