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    A chess set that contains the standardized Staunton chess pieces is known as the Staunton Chess Set. Primarily, chess had no standardized version and the pieces differed in looks and characteristics widely. While the rich enjoyed playing with finely crafted ornate chess sets, the poor used chess pieces that were hardly distinguishable from each other. By the early decades of the nineteenth century, it was understood that there was a great need for a chess set with pieces that were easy to use and universally recognized by players of diverse backgrounds. The solution was first released in 1849 by the purveyors of fine games, John Jaques of London, sport and games manufacturers, of Hatton Garden, London, England. Later it came to be known as the Staunton chess set after the Shakespearean scholar, author and the world champion, Howard Staunton (1810 - 1874).
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    Travel Chess Set

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