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    Themed Chess Set

    Themed Chess Set                             Price : On Request

    Dimensions : 20 X 20 (inches)              


    This exquisite themed chess set depicts two royal Indian armies ready to face each other in battle. Crafted by deft Rajasthani artisans, this kadam wood chess set relieves the past glory of regal Indian life. Each wooden piece in this chess set is intricately carved and painted in minute detail to show uniforms and turbans, in red and green colours. The pawns are carved as foot soldiers, bearing arms. The Rooks are fighters seated on camels, the Knights are riders mounted on horseback and the Bishops are warriors carried by elephants. The fine painting, on each carefully carved piece, clearly depicts the features of the animals and their riders and details the clothing and weaponry of the fighters.

    The board is of 20"x 20" size. Each King and Queen piece is 4" high and is carved and painted to show a large elephant bearing a royal howdah, shaped like a peacock, on its back. All the chess pieces have felt bases, for ease of movement on the polished board.

    When not in use, the beautiful chess pieces can be stored in the velvet-lined, lockable, wooden box. The large chess board folds in the middle, for ease of storage and transportation.

    If you're a chess lover, this chess set is sure to add to your enjoyment of this absorbing game. If not, this regal Rajasthani chess is sure to enhance the beauty of your home.