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    Chess is a game of antiquity. By and large it is believed that chess has its origin in India and then spread all over the world. There are various other games related to chess in some way or the other. These games are known as Chess Variants. Following is a list of Chess Variants:

    Chaturanga - This is an ancient Indian game, presumed to be the common ancestor of chess and other chess variants.

    Shatranj - an ancient Persian game, derived from Chaturanga.
    Tamerlane Chess - A well known historic variation of chess.
    Xianggi / Chinese Chess - It is is a two-player Chinese game in a family of strategic board games of which Western chess, Indian chaturanga, Japanese shogi, and the more similar Korean janggi are also members.
    Shogi / Japanese Chess - This is a Japaness board game that belongs to the family of Chaturanga.
    Janggi - This is a chess variant belonging to Korea. Other romanizations of the game are changgi, jangki, and tjyangkeui. It is a game that is played on a board that is 9 lines wide by 10 lines long.
    Makruk - This chess variant is played in Thailand.
    Sittuyin - This is Burmese chess. Each player puts his pawns on the specified position., after that players place one major piece anywhere on his side of the board until all of the pieces are on the board. Players can shift the pawns on his side of the board until a solider is moved.
    Apart from these there are numerous other chess variants depending on different starting positions, different board, different chess pieces, unusual rules, multiple and multi-player variants, etc.